Hmm, the new KDE Matrix server is outstandingly slow, but maybe it's just stressed now with all these new sign ups in the thousands, you don't even have a good chance to see the login window sometimes lol

Apex Legends but if it were on the Switch (an experiment in forcing all settings lower than defined for a constant 60fps)

Anime-Avatar-Creator profile pic but it's drawn in Krita :thinkhappy:

lmaoooooo I just give up with RetroArch at this point, there seems to be a hidden feud between us that I can't seem to see, but no matter what I use, from Windows to Lakka, Linux to the PSP and even recently the Wii, it always either crashes or hardlocks to a black screen, even after hours to figuring out the un-intuitive UX and following guides, it never wants to work. Closest I got was getting Gran Turismo 1 to launch but crashed when the first 3D model appeared. Here's hoping to the future tho, I really like it's core idea.

2018, turn that 8 upside-down it's still an 8 gosh-dang-nabbit!

lol thanks based 21, dropping one of the most trash singles for a game ever only to rebound with one of the most fire albums this year right in December :k3llyLurkA:

Oh I finally caught up with the loop around what happened at Tumblr.

lol but cool

Oh man, what a day for releases!
+ Earl's Some Rap Songs
+ New Ski Mask
+ New Meek Mill!
+ New Chance!
+ Big K.R.I.T. oh lawd
:ohgno: :neko_awoo:

Earl Sweatshirt's "Some Rap Songs" alternative and OG cover is really lit 🔥😅

Just a heads up, if anyone is going to Wine Deltarune, the game runs perfectly but at double speed, so it messes up some aspects of the game. Use libstrangle to cap it back to 30fps, you'll need it for a certain section.

I was just doing typical enterprise stuff and suddenly I noticed that for some reason SUSE's tagline, "We adapt. You succeed." had been sliced off to "We adapt. You succ"


Boost if you've ever heard somebody say "pokeman" unironically

Nice, seems that it's real anime-girls-holding-programming-and-related-books hours :blobbounce:

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