Exciting times! Yesterday there was a stunning 24 new apps added to #FDroid! Together with 33 updated existing apps.

#Fennec got a new icon (changed by #Mozilla).

@matrix's #Riot got a visual overhaul including a new icon!

The fennec icon reminds me very much of the Firefox nightly icon.


@txt_file @fdroidorg it's a pity too, as a competition / contribution repo was made forum.f-droid.org/t/new-icon-f specifically for fresh, unique icons, and after a few proposals, no one even followed through to submission and just went with colouring the new icon blue instead over the nightly earth, kinda disappointing tbh.

@machete_Badger @txt_file that's an upstream Mozilla change. We can still change it on our end. But someone would need to follow this process through, including the packaging changes required. For all contributors it's rather low priority because there's so much more to do.

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