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I hope @waifu lets me go to GSCon now :blobowo:

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Have a sample meme from the 'infosec' section of our menu. Show more

Actually I guess this is a good replacement for a post. Time to pin :rooYay:

Hi my name is minecraft.
I can haz all your ram please?

I hope @waifu lets me go to GSCon now :blobowo:

what starting feels like

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Very good article on IPv4 allocation, good read. (There is also a black map representing the allocated IPv6 space)

Also yey I managed to build *something* before the wipe.

No machines or fancy things but better than nothing :blobbounce:

omg mike cole and me are on the same discord server :kannaEat:


Hey I heard you like docker.
How about we dockerize your docker?

The libaudit manpages are 10/10

Why be expressive or explain things to your users when you can not? 👏

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* IRC: works but it sucks like it always did (I use it anwyays!)

* XMPP: works if you can manage to get all the supported XEPs for a good time, which inevitably nothing does

* Riot: works if you don't mind 10 messages a second throughput on Xeon Golds, and a client composed purely of Electron memes

* Pleroma Chat: works if you don't mind your country's citizens being turned into catgirls

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Pittsburgh driver's test

(2) A traffic light at an intersection changes from yellow to red, you should

(a) stop immediately.
(b) proceed slowly through the intersection.
(c) blow the horn.
(d) floor it.

The correct answer is (d). If you said (c), you were almost right, so
give yourself a half point.

Some coworkers are arguing that drinking more than 4 cups of coffee a day is way too much.