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oh god why
make them stop
end my suffering

TIL: There are people in Korea who think that electric fans kill them when the fans are put into closed rooms with unopened or no windows.

What do you do when you can't have a domain? Exactly. You get a gun and a tazer, and break into the house of a GoDaddy employee.

America ladies and gentlemen.

let's build a steam link cluster
i call it the steamyverse (tm)


jokes on you debian haters i actually run oldoldstable on my work pc

tired: distro hopping
wired: instance hopping

> be me
> live next to a DHL post office
> order stuff
> not at home
> postman delivers it to a different post office that is ~15km away

wow such sad
DHL y u do dis

21 hours left until discord has to reveal their dark secrets PSA Show more

1.1k federations by a single user posting memes
get on my level niu


don't you dare follow me unless you bring 255 friends with you