@sn0w nothing new, use a Open Source and Libary Client, and you have fixed the most of this Problems :)

@SkyfaR got any recommendations?

last time i searched i only found some half-broken clementine plugin :thinkbro:

@sn0w The last client I used was Librespot, unfortunately I do not know if this is still up to date.

@sn0w Facebook won't give you that. Is that part of the lawsuit?

@sn0w Goes to show you can't trust proprietary software. It's still in your best interest to just rip music, or download it to your local system and play it using a sane media player. Even the ones you pay will still gather all your personal data just so they can make a couple extra dollars.

@sn0w Not surprising, facebook does the same, When you download the archive you only have the content that you have yourself uploaded to facebook, You doesn't even get your contacts email address

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