@sn0w If I gave out USB sticks they'd pop up a big warning on the person's screen never to accept USB sticks from strangers. And maybe display their password to them to make sure the point hits home.

@freakazoid @sn0w And then when the parents complain, tell 'em to learn how to read code so they can see for themselves the script on there doesn't actually do anything that's actually malicious, so their data is safe - this time. Next time, they might not be so lucky.

Educate the masses, one concerned parent at a time.

@sn0w I thought this would be *insert any Smartphone vendor* 's attempt of providing Android updates.

@sn0w Please! Please! Please! Please! Though hath not known what ye hath done.... Bwah ha ha HA! 🔥🐧🔥



Mommy! Mommy! can I have a preconfigured Arch distro puhhhhlease!

Not until after you've learned to recompile the kernel with the correct flags and modules, dear.

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