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How many microservices does it take to turn on a lightbulb

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@sn0w I know this is a joke, but when I see a lot of corporative names in a panel, my brain simply disconnects :blobmelt:

@sn0w Whoever designed that system architecture is either afraid for their job or they're have no idea what they're doing.

Alors du coup, l'ampoule de 10W, faut combien de watts pour l'éteindre ? En fait c'est peut-être mieux pour la planète de ne plus éteindre nous lumières...

Oops, did not realise you weren't French...

So, how many What are needed to turn off one 10W lightbulb? Maybe leaving our lights on would be more eco-friendly...

@sn0w I had a chuckle at this. Then I realised it wasn't a joke.

@sn0w oml i started crying when I took a closer look and saw it's literally a turning on a lightbulb

@sn0w 200. 195 to pad the design, 4 to build the database schema and 1 to actually turn on the bulb :)

Haha. It isn't *that* complicated tbh.

The actual hot path to turn on the light on is two services and a redis server to act as the messaging queue.

The other part of that diagram is analytics (i.e. how they make money off you).

That said, it could all be replaced with one Home Assistant server running locally.